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The students we focus are low-income and first-generation.


If a typical low-income high school in Central Texas graduates 250 seniors.


Only 35% (87 out of 250) of those students will enroll in a higher education institution.

If only 14% of those 87 go on to complete a degree, that is only 15 out 250 students. 

That leaves 230 out of 250 students that will enter the workforce with a very limited education or job skills. 

Our scholars enroll in a variety of educational institutions.


We understand that not all of the students that we are targeting will enroll in five year colleges. It is not necessarily for everyone and there are many technical or vocational careers they can choose that will better prepared them for the workforce.


If a student does not feel like a four year university is for them, we encourage them and help them find a 2-year degree that can transition them. If they want to enter the workforce sooner we help them explore and complete a technical or vocational degree. Any of them will help boost their earning potential.  

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