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Our scholars receive a $1,000 annual scholarship to help them pay for their educational costs. Financial assistance is an important motivational tool as well as a means to engage our scholars about financial planning and budgeting. In addition, we help students explore other resources of financial aid in order to meet their needs. 


Being a first-generation college student can be an overwhelming experience that contributes to a 70% dropout rate. Our mentors provide all of the necessary support throughout the scholar's educational career. From the time they start until the enter the workforce, our mentors support them, guide them and encourage them. This applies to all scholars including 1- year technical degree and conventional 4 year university students. 



It is important for our students to learn and embrace their role in their community. Our program addresses stewardship by teaching students about the accountability for the resources they are given and giving back to the community. We engage them in community engagement through volunteer and networking events. 

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