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High School Class Rank

Conventional scholarship and support programs are "merit"based and are aimed toward "high achieving students who graduate in the top 15-20% of their class. This leaves the overwhelming majority of first-generation students excluded from those opportunities. 

The Crossroads Scholars program is unique. It was created with every first-generation student in mind. We focus on the student majority and we take into consideration that not every student will attend a conventional five year university program. Many of our scholars choose a vocational or technical career. Upon program enrollment, our scholars receive a $1,000 annual scholarship, a one-on-one mentor and they are coached on the importance of stewardship. They receive our support until they graduate with a degree or vocational certificate and they enter the workforce.

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Overwhelming Circumstances of First-Generations Students

Our Program

  • less information about the college experience (budgeting, building healthy relationships with peers and professors, etc)

  • less family support and understanding of their educational journey

  • less experience navigating the higher education bureaucracy

  • less information on admissions, financial aid & how to find resources

  • poor academic preparation in terms of course-taking and rigor

  • more likely to have to negotiate cultural differences between home and school

  • forced to balance family responsibilities and school

We make sure that our scholars enter the workforce with the skills and knowledge to build a more prosperous future. 


Our College & Career Coaching Program is for High School seniors who are contemplating continuing their education after high school. Our college coaches meet with students throughout the year and they offer support and advice as they discern what type of institution and degree they want to attend in. Once students make their decision, we assist them with their college application, financial aid and college entrance requirements and we advice them on some of the most important challenges they will encounter as first-generation students. 

This program is for first-generation students attending economically disadvantaged High Schools in Central Texas.

Program Testimonials

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