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The Fall 2021- Spring 2022 application cycle is now open.

Please submit your application by July 30, 2021 deadline
in order to be considered. 

Our new Scholars will be announced in early August via email and text.


By submitting your application, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to all the terms and 
requirements of our Scholars Program. 

  • Our scholars program is for first year college, university or technical school students recently graduated from high school in the Central Texas area. 

  • Applicants must agree to the terms of becoming a Crossroads Scholar. 

  • The full $1,000 scholarship is based on a minimum of 12 hours per semester. The money is disbursed directly to the scholar via Venmo in two payments. Half of the scholarship is sent halfway through the fall semester and the other half during the halfway point of the spring semester. 

  • If a student's enrollment falls below 12 hours, the scholarship amount is adjusted by pro-rating it to the amount of hours taken during a specific semester. 

  • There is not GPA requirement for the scholarship. The GPA requirement is set by the school. Scholars must remain in good standing with the college or university.

  • Scholars must agree to be attend a scholar orientation and work with an assigned mentor who will also be trained and have specific guidelines to follow. 

  • Scholars and mentors must meet face to face at minimum 3 times during the semester. If they cannot meet at a physical location, the meetings can take place via zoom. Beyond that minimum we encourage mentors and scholars to check in with each other via text or phone call on a regular basis. 

Please email us at to request an application. You will receive it within 24 hours in a fillable PDF form. Read it carefully and answer with the most complete answers possible. If you do not submit every document we request, your application will be considered incomplete and will not be considered. 

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