Matt Lutz

Board Member / Mentor

Welcome to my fundraising page for Crossroads!

Dear Friends,

Due to the COVID pandemic we have struggled to raise money through our usual fundraising events. As a member of the Crossroads community, I have volunteered to help us raise enough money for us to support our programs through the Spring of 2021. My personal goal is $3,000. Every contribution of any size will help.

Feel free to navigate through the page to learn more about our programs and use the button on the right to make a donations.

Thank you for your support!



At Crossroads Scholarship Fund our mission is to help young students break the generational cycle of poverty through scholarship and advocacy.  Our scholars are first-generation college attendees determined to overcome the multiple odds associated with underprivileged backgrounds.

In order to ensure our students’ success, we take a unique, holistic approach. We provide them with financial support and we address their need for on-going advocacy and guidance.

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building brighter futures through:

The Crossroads Scholars program is unique. It was created with every first-generation student in mind. We focus on the student majority and not just those that graduate in the top 20% of their class and we take into consideration that not every student will attend a conventional five year university program. Many of our scholars choose a vocational or technical career. Upon program enrollment, our scholars receive a $1,000 annual scholarship, a one-on-one mentor and they are coached on the importance of stewardship. They receive our support until they graduate with a degree or vocational certificate and they enter the workforce.

                                - $1,000 annual scholarship

                                - Year-round mentorship to make sure they stay on track until they graduate 

                                 - Stewardship programming to foster resource accountability and giving back to the community


Overcoming major life challenges to continue with college goals